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You probably know that choosing the movie or serie to watch with your boyfriend or girlfriend can result in discussions. But what happens if your life partner or friend speaks Spanish and you want to win that discussion? Therefore I made this episode. Where you listen to a Spanish dialogue between Amanda and Diego about what to watch on Netflix this weekend. After the dialogue I will explain the Spanish vocabulary and sayings you heard during the dialogue. So let’s start!

When do you use Spanish vocabulary and sayings related to movies and series?

If you plan to travel through a Spanish speaking country you may want to go to the movies. Or maybe you find yourself a Spanish speaking friend. In that case you want to be able to make clear what you would like to watch. Besides, your Spanish speaking friend will make jokes using famous sayings and you will feel a lot more confident if you can understand what your friend is saying.

Or maybe you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who speaks Spanish. Being in a relationship with someone from another culture already brings some struggles with it. When you at least speak the same language living together will be a lot easier and more fun. And watching Netflix together almost always is part of living together.

How to listen to the Spanish dialogue?

My mission is to teach you Spanish, so listening to a podcast in English won’t really work. The introduction of the podast will be in English, but both the dialogue and explanation of the Spanish words is in Spanish.

You learn a language faster when you listen and listen and listen a bit more. Get familiar with the pronunciation and start recognizing Spanish words. So try to listen the Spanish podcast many times and write down what you understand.

If you want to understand the explanation well and to learn Spanish fast, feel free to plan a free introductory call with me to get to know each other. You can also take a look at my prices for learning Spanish online. And no worries if you just started learning Spanish: I can speak in English with you whenever necessary. I mean, if you don’t speak even a word I can handle it, believe me!

The Spanish podcast: what can you expect?

You will find the following structure on the podcast:

  1. Spanish dialogue: 2m 09s
  2. Explanation about the Spanish words and sayings you hear in the dialogue: 4m 33s

Spanish words and sayings you will learn in this episode

In this episode you learn Spanish words related to movies, series and watching television. Some words you will learn are:

  • Temporadas
  • Género
  • Episodio
  • Saga
  • Precuela
  • Epílogo
  • Interferir
  • Pasabocas
  • Malentendido

The Spanish sayings you will learn:

“Con los ojos cuadrados”

“Donde pongo el ojo pongo la bala”

“Siempre olvidas lo que te conviene”

Podcast no. 3: Spanish vocabulary and sayings related to watching movies and series

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