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The good humor and creativity that I put into the content of each episode is what makes this Spanish teaching podcast completely different from the others. For example, I do a podcast series where 4 guests participate, each of them comes from a different Spanish-speaking country. Manolo is from Spain, Nico, from Argentina, Pancho, is Mexican, and Juanjo is a “paisa” from Colombia, guess who does the voices of each character? Listen to one of these podcasts here.

Interviews with non-native speakers

There is another podcast series where I interview non-native speakers, such as the renowned Dutch web designer and travel blogger, Sabine Boogaard, who is also our permanent contributor to the show. But in addition to that I also invite students from my private Spanish classes. This podcast series is a kind of hot seat, where I ask questions related to a specific topic and then correct the mistakes of my guests on air. Listen to the interview with my Dutch student, Eline.

As I’m a traveler, I also record podcasts while walking the streets of any city in the world. This is a podcast series where spontaneity prevails, without neglecting the presentation of historical and cultural notes that surround the place visited. Listen to my podcast where I am walking in The Netherlands.

Limited time? Listen my short podcast series

For the days when your time is limited, I have a short podcast series where I explain and give examples to properly use the most exotic words in the Spanish language. Listen to a fun short podcast.

Here you also will find a great variety of topics dialogues, based on all the situations that a native Spanish speaker faces on a daily basis. Listen to one of these podcasts.

In my cultural podcast series I am focused on the curiosities of the Spanish-speaking culture. You will also listen to the answers on the questions that listeners from all over the world ask me. In this way, I answer the questions that concern you the most when learning Spanish. Listen here to a cultural podcast.

Beyond “Hola”: Learn Like Freud, Speak Like a Native

Think of me as your Spanish language therapist! My classes pinpoint your learning roadblocks, and this podcast tackles them all, episode by episode.

Master Spanish conversations quicker than a viral meme fades! Book your FREE LESSON with me (limited to 4 per month) and then schedule your first Spanish conversation class. Your dedication is paying off! Co-hosting this podcast in Spanish could be your next challenge!

The LEARN SPANISH WITH A NATIVE SPEAKER podcast is the meeting place for those who want to speak Spanish like a native.

My name is Alex De la Paz, I’m a journalist, professor, and I will be your host while you have fun learning Spanish.

Behind the mic, I bring the teaching magic, but don’t worry – I’m still a down-to-earth person you can connect with!



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