Every month I give away 4 free Spanish lessons. During this free 45-minute-session we look together at your Spanish level and what you need to master the Spanish language well. Often there are things that you dread or don’t know where to start learning Spanish. Or in case you already are an intermediate speaker, how to move forward to improve your Spanish. I am happy to help you one step further to speak Spanish without shame and with confidence!

Don’t you speak Spanish at all? Don’t worry! This free class is for beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers.

This is what you can expect

I will assess your Spanish skills and I will tell you what your current level is.

What questions do you have about learning Spanish? I answer them for you!

Do you have problems with a specific part of the Spanish language? For example the difference between ‘ser’ and ‘estar’? I help you out!

What can you do to learn Spanish well and to speak with confidence?

What is your goal in learning Spanish? Where do you need it for? And how do you reach your goal in the fastest and most fun way?

After our session you can inmediately use my tips to learn Spanish or improve your Spanish skills. Or you can take classes with me to reach your goals even faster. Let’s start!

Check below if there is still room available in my agenda and book directly. Be quick, there are only 4 places available!

Aren’t there any dates available anymore? Wait to next month for new possibilities! I will announce new dates on my social media Instagram & Facebook.

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If you have any questions about the Spanish lessons or if you want to plan a free introductory call, just text me!