Academic Cultural Journey | Medellín

Scope & Content


Topic 1: Unlocking Connections: The Magic of Spanish Greetings

Classroom Lesson: Basic greetings and introducing oneself. Additionally, we will cover the topic Shopping and Bargaining.

Immersive Tour: Visiting a local market and practicing greetings and bargaining skills with vendors. This day we will visit the tourist attractions of the colorful village Guatapé. We will start the day with a typical breakfast.

Then, we will visit El Pasaje de la Sombrilla, after that, we will climb the giant stone of El Peñol. Afterwards, we will enjoy a typical lunch and finally, we will take a boat ride through the Peñol-Guatapé Reservoir.


Topic 2: ¡Aventura en la Ruta! Navigating Spanish Directions with a Smile

Classroom Lesson: Vocabulary related to giving and asking for directions.

Immersive Tour: Guided walking tour of Medellin, practicing asking for directions in Spanish. We will visit Jardín Botánico and Parque Explora, with entrance to all the attractions. These sites will be the perfect setting to practice finding the specific place we want to go to.


Topic 3: From Despertar to Dormir: Nurturing Language through Daily Routines

Classroom Lesson: Expressing daily activities and routines. We also will be covering the topic Health and Emergencies, where you will learn vocabulary for describing symptoms and seeking medical assistance.

Immersive Tour: Getting around in the Medellín Metro is part of the typical daily routines of anyone who lives in this city. For that reason, we will travel by land in it, and then, we will take an air transport: El Metrocable. We will see the entire city from the heights until we reach El Parque Arví. Already in the park, and during the walk different natural attractions of the park will be visited.


Topic 4: ¡Buen Provecho! Savoring the Art of Ordering Food and Drinks in Spanish

Classroom Lesson: Vocabulary and phrases for ordering in restaurants.

Immersive Tour: Dining at a traditional Colombian restaurant and interacting with the waitstaff in Spanish. The same day we will visit Pueblito Paisa. There the sculpture of Cacique Nutibara by Colombian sculptor José Horacio Betancur stands out, which, with a height of three meters, represents Chief Nutibara, accompanied by a warrior and a puma at his feet, as a symbol of courage and power.

We will also learn about the urban and social history of Medellín through a photographic exhibition, plastic art, and a large model of the Antioquian capital at the City Museum. Likewise, we will visit the Carlos Vieco Theater, a free space with 2,000 meters designed for art and culture. We will walk through the streets with picturesque houses, we will visit craft shops, and we will end up seeing the city from the great viewpoint.


Topic 5: Café y Palabras: Unraveling the Charms of Colombian Landmark Descriptions in a breathtaking coffee Plantation

Classroom Lesson: Vocabulary for describing places and landmarks.

Immersive Tour: Visiting iconic sites in Medellin and describing them in Spanish.

There is nothing more iconic than a coffee plantation in Colombia, that’s why we are going to visit one of them. We will also ride a horse to a wonderful viewpoint.

We will experience the life of the Colombian countryside with this day trip to a cafetal in San Sebastián de Palmitas, just 45 minutes from Medellín. We will learn about the origin of coffee and its collection, roasting and traditional preparation. We will enjoy a cup accompanied by a popular appetizer. We will also take a horseback ride to a viewpoint located in the mountains before returning to Medellin.


Topic 6: Discovering the Richness of Spanish Narrative: Conversing in Spanish about Life’s Journey

Classroom Lesson: Past tense conjugation and expressing past experiences.

Immersive Tour: Guided tour of historical sites, discussing their significance in Spanish. We will visit the Museo de Antioquia. Founded in 1881, this museum has a collection of more than 5,000 pieces, which include paintings, drawings, and sculptures by the master Fernando Botero, recognized worldwide for creating works with figures that are more robust and thicker than usual, that is, fat.


Topic 7: Your Voice, Your Choice: Exploring Spanish Vocabulary for Preferences and Opinions

Classroom Lesson: Vocabulary and phrases for expressing preferences and opinions.

Immersive Tour: Attending a cultural event and discussing personal preferences in Spanish.

What used to be the epicenter of violence and precarious houses, today, the much-mentioned Comuna 13, is associated with the expression of art through the painting of huge murals and graffiti, art shows and street dancing and has turned it into a one of the most desired areas for those who visit Medellín. Here we will make our immersive tour that day.

Additional content

Bonus: Prepare for an exciting addition in each lesson – a captivating exploration of Colombian Culture and Traditions that will ignite your senses and touch your heart.

Each lesson will be an opportunity to savor the vibrant colors, rhythmic beats, and delicious flavors that make up the cultural mosaic of Colombia.

Join us as we celebrate the fusion of history, art, and folklore, where every discovery is a step closer to understanding the fascinating essence of this remarkable country.

Each topic will consist of a series of lessons and corresponding immersive experiences to reinforce the language learning process. The degree of difficulty of each lesson will be adapted to the level of proficiency of the Spanish language according to the knowledge of each student. Enjoy your Spanish learning journey in Medellin, Colombia!

Learn spanish in Medellin


The price includes: 4 hours of classes a day and permanent accompaniment during the cultural part of the program (approximately 8 more hours). The student will also receive a guidebook, materials, level test and certificate.

Hours in the classroom: 20 hours.

Practice hours on the Academic-Cultural Journey: 40 hours (accompaniment and practice of Spanish in context).

Academic-Cultural activities plus transportation in Medellín, lodging, tickets to parks and tours, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, supplies and guidebook, PayPal’s commission fee, organization and logistics: Total price: 3,520 USD.

Reservations: to reserve the Academic-Cultural Journey, the student must previously deposit 50% (1,760 USD) of the value of the package.

The remaining 50% of the money (1,760 USD) must be deposited 15 days before trip start. The money must be transferred to the PayPal account of LEARN SPANISH WITH A NATIVE SPEAKER. As soon as the reservation is confirmed, I will make the first invoice. Later, 8 days before starting classes, I will send the second invoice in PayPal.

IMPORTANT: Note: Although there are established dates for the Academic-Cultural Journey, it is worth mentioning that you can also contact me anytime to schedule the dates of your preference. Likewise, you can choose the destination you want in Colombia or Latin America to carry out your immersive experience.

In addition, you can also do the Academic-Cultural Journey individually and privately or in couples.

In the academic part, you can choose the topics of your interest, therefore, the topics that I have proposed for classes can vary as you wish and according to your level.

Ask me about the special discount for family groups, groups of co-workers, or couples.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Academic-Cultural Journey takes Spanish learning beyond the classroom. Immerse yourself in Colombia’s vibrant culture, from salsa dancing in Medellín to exploring the Amazon rainforest or the Caribbean beaches. But your journey doesn’t stop there! This program allows you to weave your own exploration across Latin America. Imagine unraveling the mysteries of Machu Picchu, savoring the flavors of Mexico, or discovering the natural wonders of Costa Rica.

Every Latin American nation offers a unique opportunity to learn Spanish and experience a new culture, all on a personalized learning expedition. Relax, explore, and learn something new. The Academic-Cultural Journey is the perfect escape for the curious soul.

Join the Adventure, No Matter Your Spanish Level!

This immersive program is open to everyone, regardless of your Spanish skills. We tailor the learning to your level, ensuring a comfortable and enriching experience for all. Traveling with non-Spanish speaking companions? No problem! We offer special English guides so everyone can enjoy the cultural immersion.

Open to All Ages (18+)

This exciting adventure is perfect for anyone over 18. Minors are also welcome, accompanied by their parents.

Physical Condition:

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious beginner, this trip caters to all physical abilities. However, some walking tours are included, so a basic level of mobility is recommended. Dietary restrictions? Just let us know beforehand!

Dietary restrictions?

Just let us know beforehand!

Are You In?

This week-long adventure is perfect for anyone with a passion for Latin America. If you love music, mountains, delicious Andean cuisine, and exploring new cultures, we guarantee an unforgettable experience filled with discovery and exploration.

This experience costs $3,520 USD per person.

The price includes:

  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport.
  • Admission to the activities mentioned in the program.
  • Welcome kit: guide text, notebook, pen, and souvenirs from Colombia.
  • Accommodation in a private room for 7 nights and 1 day (if you are a couple traveling together, you share the room).
  • 7 breakfasts at the place of accommodation, 7 lunches and 7 dinners in different restaurants.
  • Daily water and snacks.
  • One Spanish class per day and accompaniment by Professor Alex De la Paz for all activities.
  • Transportation from the hotel to each of the activities included in the itinerary.
  • Tourist guide at each of the destinations we will visit.
  • Hotel insurance: however, the student must have additional travel insurance that covers accidents.
  • Photographic and video recording of the trip.

Reservations: to reserve the Academic-Cultural Journey, the student must previously deposit 50% (1,760 USD) of the value of the package.

If you have additional questions: write to me on WhatsApp: +57 3052480140 or email:

Important: Air tickets are not included, nor anything that has not been explicitly detailed here.

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