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My name is Alex De la Paz and I am very passionate about languages. Since I was a little boy my father taught me English. Instead of only Spanish music our house was often filled with music from all over the world.

No wonder that I also love to teach others my native language: Spanish. I grew up near the north coast of Colombia, close to popular tourist destinations Cartagena and Barranquilla. Now I live in a small and cold village in the mountains near capital Bogotá. But of course my location doesn’t matter: teaching Spanish goes all online.

For about 20 years I worked as an university professor in both journalism and language teaching. Now I am here to teach Spanish exclusively to you.

Are you ready to learn Spanish or improve your Spanish skills?

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My favorite book, movie and song in Spanish

‘Notas de Prensa’ | Author: Gabriel García Márquez
‘Y tu mamá también’ | Country: Mexico
‘Atrevida’ | Singer: Grupo Niche

Learning Spanish with a Colombian

The Spanish language is the same all over the world right? Not quite. Every Spanish speaking country has it’s own accent and words. I lived in Buenos Aires for 7 years and even for me, a native speaker, the Spanish accent over there is pretty difficult to understand.

And even in Colombia there are many different Spanish accents. That makes traveling in Colombia very interesting, actually.

The Spanish accent in capital Bogotá and surroundings is known to be the most easy to speak and understand. Not only in Colombia, but of all the Spanish in the world.

And that makes Colombia an excellent country to learn Spanish.

Because I lived and traveled in many countries in the world, I am familiar with a lot of Spanish accents. Like Spanish in Spain, Cuba, Mexico and Argentina. The fun thing is that however all those countries are Spanish speaking, there are a lot of words, phrases and sayings specific per country. Therefore, I focus on teaching universal Spanish. This means that I am going to explain to you the different ways to speak this beautiful language in the most popular Spanish speaking countries. Check my podcast where you can listen to 4 different Spanish accents.

Are you interested in learning Spanish with me? Let’s get to know each other! Plan a free introductory call and let’s chat a bit. Don’t worry: even if you are a beginner and you don’t speak a word of Spanish, I can handle it!

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