Want to travel to Spanish speaking countries? Like Colombia, Spain or Peru? Being able to speak with the locals makes your trip an unforgettable experience. Or are you planning to live abroad in a country where you have to speak Spanish? Or maybe you just love the Spanish language and it’s your dream to learn it…

For whatever reason you want to learn Spanish: I am your man!

Native speaker

I am a native Spanish language trainer from Colombia and I have been working as an university professor for years. As a professional in social communication and journalism, I have the knowledge to teach you how to speak properly.

Virtual classroom

As soon as you enter the course you have lifetime access to your own virtual classroom. In the virtual academy you will have access to all the course contents in an organized way. You can study wherever and whenever you want.

Intensive method

I teach you Spanish in individual online classes. With my intensive method you learn Spanish in a fun, fast and efficient way. Additionally, you can ask me all the questions you want outside of class hours by WhatsApp or email.

Feel confident

Afraid of making mistakes when you try to speak Spanish? After my classes you feel confident to start a conversation yourself. I have organized the classes focusing on conversation and correcting your mistakes when speaking. Each lesson is practical and dynamic.


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Alexander de la Paz Spanish teacher


My name is Alex De la Paz and I am a native Spanish speaker from Colombia. Besides running, movies, chess and watching series I am fascinated about languages. I am familiar with many Spanish accents after living in Argentina and several other countries in Latin America. I also lived in LA and London for a while to learn English and because of that I speak English fluently. So don’t worry if you don’t speak any Spanish yet.

I worked as an university teacher for years and now I give online Spanish courses for both beginners and advanced Spanish learners.


Spanish for travelers

Not in every Spanish speaking country people speak English. Traveling through Colombia for example can be a challenge if you don’t speak any Spanish. In addition, speaking Spanish makes your travel experience so much more memorable. You learn a lot about a country if you can speak with the locals. Making new foreign friends. Travel more easy and off the beaten track. It is not necessary to speak Spanish fluently when you go traveling. If you want that: great! But speaking basic Spanish and having the ability to make a small conversation is already enough to make your trip unforgettable.

Living, working and/or studying abroad

Living, working and/or studying abroad temporarily or for a long time is an extraordinary experience. I am very happy that I also have this experience. For several years I lived in both Argentina, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Do you have plans to live, work or study abroad in a Spanish speaking country? Learning the language is the first thing to do. Integrating, making new friends, arrange everything around your emigration, finding work and feeling at home: this is only possible if you speak the language. Also, speaking Spanish will provide a better cultural understanding.

It’s your dream to learn Spanish

You are not going to travel nor living abroad; it’s just your dream to speak Spanish. I feel you. Speaking a second or third language gives you so many new opportunities. It gives you new connections with people from other countries, more confidence, cultural understanding and extra career opportunities.

And I must say: Spanish is a beautiful language. The language of love and passion.

Are you ready to make your dream come true?

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